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Risk and Usefulness of Herbal Remedies

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Herbal Remedy Effectiveness

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Herbal Remedy Effectiveness 

The best way of testing herbal remedies in order to gauge their effectiveness is through the use of double blind tests.  Because testing is an extremely expensive process, companies often make up for the cost by patenting the medicine and selling it at a high price in order to earn a profit.

While many herbs have indeed been found to be effective, others had very little positive results.

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Because the mainstream medical establishment in the U.S. has showed a natural bias towards herbal remedies, it has become questionable whether or not their criticisms are justified, and many independent herbal associations have been formed to test the potency of the herbs.

Because many herbal systems such as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda have been around for thousands of years, this has led many proponents of herbal medicine to conclude that such tests are not necessary.

After all, why would the Chinese and Indians use a herbal remedy system for thousands of years if it was not effective?

While the combination of some herbs may indeed lead to adverse side effects, these effects can always be counterbalanced by taking other remedies. Many proponents of herbal medicine also attack the mainstream medical establishment for failing to take into consideration the historical documentation that is available on various herbs.

In truth, dosage is an issue which is not of great importance with herbal medications. Many modern medical officials attempt to apply dosage standards to various herbal remedies, but this is insufficient since few dosage standards have been set for herbal medications over the centuries.

One reason for this is because herbal remedies taken in a complete form will not be able to maintain a standard dosage. In the end, the issue of dosage is one which is best left to synthetic medications, where taking more than what is recommended can lead to undesirable effects.

The issue of creating regulations for herbal remedies has been the subject of a great deal of contention in the United States and Europe. While the governments of these regions would like to see more regulatory measures made for herbal remedies, proponents say that these remedies have been around for centuries, and they do not require the stringent requirements that must be made against lab produced medications.

The Extinction of Herbs

One danger that has become present in recent years is the rapid cultivation and usage of herbs, which sometimes exceeds the world supply.

A number of studies have indicated that as many as 400 medical herbs are in potential danger of becoming extinct, and this is largely due to deforestation along with over collecting.

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Because many large pharmaceutical companies are now cashing in on the alternative health trend, many are gathering herbs out of the wild at a rapid pace, much faster than people could have done prior to industrialization.

This has concerned many environmentalists and herbal proponents alike, as it threatens the every existence of the herbs which can be used for curing many ailments.

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