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Risk and Usefulness of Herbal Remedies

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Risk and Usefulness of Herbal Remedies

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While herbal remedies have been found to be much more effective than using pharmaceuticals, they are not without their problems. Double blind tests must be taken in order to determine whether or not they can be useful for medical usage.

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Many consumers are under the impression that herbal remedies are perfectly fine since they are natural as opposed to synthetic.

However, one thing that you must always keep in mind is that even natural remedies may interact with synthetic drugs, and this could cause toxicity problems within the patient.

It should also be noted that herbal products may also be contaminated, and may not have an efficacy which is proven.

The purity of herbal remedies is not monitored by law in the U.S., and even products which are based on the same specs may be distinct when it comes to the biochemical issues inside the same plant species.

Plants have built in defense structures which can prevent them from being eaten by predators, and these chemical defense tools may have fatal effects in humans.

Some herbs are extremely toxic, and one good example of this is nightshade. Other herbal medications have caused bad reactions when they were taken improperly.

Of all the problems which are connected to herbs, the biggest is the relation and interaction that they have with synthetic drugs. If you choose to begin using herbal medications, It is strongly suggested to make it clear to your doctor if you plan to do this.

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This way, the doctor will be able to avoid prescribing medicines that could have conflicts with the herbs you are taking. One of the biggest dangers that come with the combination of synthetic drugs and herbal remedies is low blood pressure.

Herbs can also increase the potency of anticoagulants. The next issue that must carefully be considered is the effectiveness of herbal remedies.

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