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There are herbal medicines that could be easily prepared by parents for common ailments at home. By using herbal products at home we are ensuring there are no toxins used to cure our family members. By using herbal products that are found at home we are also saving money since we are practically using the ingredients used in cooking. As long as our family members don’t have allergic reactions to our ingredients for the cure, we can always create something for our family to get over the ailments fast.

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Skin Herbal Remedy

You don’t need to have expensive skin care products just to achieve a healthy and good looking skin. Lavender is not just used for aromatherapy but could also be used as a homemade solution for facial cleanser. Aloe Vera is a very popular skin treatment plant that is often added in skin care products.

But raw Aloe Vera is a much more effective especially in keeping the skin healthy. Chamomile, especially when prepared as a tea could be used as a daily routine for skin cleansing. This could be even used for treatment for acne in early stages.

Herbal Remedy for Cold and Flu

Although common cold cannot be cured, it could be easily subdued and prevented through common herbal products. Lime prepared in hot water could be taken two to four times a day. This is full of Vitamin C and has properties that could combat germs. Other fruits that also come with Vitamin C are highly recommended for treatment of common cold.

Garlic could also be used for treatment of common cold and flu. It can be taken raw or it could be prepared as tea wherein the garlic is cut into pieces, boiled for five to ten minutes and strained. Herbs that also used as aromatherapy could also be used for cold treatment.

Herbal Remedy for Cough

Ginger is a very effective herb for cough treatment. They could be prepared as tea and sweetened with honey. But the most potent ginger treatment for cough is its extract taken three to four times a day. Of course to subdue its flavor, honey could be added as part of the formula.

Peppermint tea is also used as a cough treatment. Constant use of this tea stops cough reflex. This is especially used for dry cough. The juices of pepper could also be used to stop different types of cough. Just place two or three peppers and slowly crush them to extract the juices.

Herbal Remedy for Asthma

Treating asthma is always expensive when you consider using modern technologies. But that shouldn’t always be the case when you know where to look in your kitchen.

Garlic and Ginger are already well known cooking ingredients that could be used not only for cough but also for treating initial attacks of asthma. But besides these potent products, turmeric mixed in a glass of milk is also known to prevent and treat asthma. Mustard oil is also a good alternative for curing asthma but instead of using this internally, the oil is rubbed in the chest to alleviate breathing.

Herbal Remedy for Muscle Pains

Oils extracted from some of the above mentioned products, especially ginger, could be used to soothe the muscles.

Another recommended natural solution for muscle pain is virgin coconut oil or VCO. Pure virgin coconut oils could be used in so many ways, which includes using it as cooking oil. 

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It can be also used for prevention of certain diseases and it could also be applied externally for a smoother skin and even treat simple muscle pains. You don’t even need to be an expert masseuse to apply the oil in the affected part before healing could be noticed.

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