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Herbal Products that Fight Cancer

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Cancer is one of the top killers in most modern countries. Once contracted, survival from this type of illness is very small if no medicine and a good amount of chemotherapy is applied to the patient. Unfortunately, there is still no cure for cancer even with our extensive research and experience with the diseases. That is why we have to do everything that we can to prevent this type of illness.

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Fortunately, there are herb medicines today that are used for preventing and even fighting cancer. They have properties that can ward off cancerous elements so that we will stay free from this type of disease.

If you are looking for herbal medicines online or in the pharmacies, here are ingredients that you should be looking for which can prevent and fight cancer. They usually come in more affordable price compared to commercial vitamin supplement sold in the market:

Echinacea – Usually called Purple Coneflower, Echinacea is a very powerful anti-cancer herb. This herb is widely used for cold treatment because it has antibiotic properties. Being an antibiotic, it is powerful enough to fight dangerous elements in the body. Its basic cancer prevention feature is that it can easily purify blood. With Echinacea, the immune system becomes stronger and could easily withstand different types of diseases, including cancer.

Dandelion – This beautiful flower should not be taken lightly in terms of its healing power. Primarily diuretic, dandelions increases secretion of fluids through urination in the body and with it, the bad toxins that resides in kidneys and livers are eliminated. It is also a blood purifier which helps with the increase of our immune system. Cancer related to internal organs could be prevented through Dandelions because it cleanses important internal organs. Aside from a nice garden decor, Dandelions can be your cancer herb cure. The leaf of the Dandelion is usually used for its healing properties.

Burdock – Practically found in different countries worldwide, this plant is known for its blood purifying ability. Its roots could be used as vegetables and the oil extract from the root could be used as herb cure for cancer. Like the Dandelion, Burdock is also used as diuretic for cleansing of the internal organs. Anti-cancer compounds have also been found in Burdock. But this compound goes even further as it fights not only cancer but leukemia as well. Burdock actually is not a new discover for healing treatment as it has been used around the world for many generations now. On the side note, Velcro was not invented if not for Burdock.

Valerian – Mention the name Valerian to any herbologist and he will confirm that this is a very potent plant for medicinal purposes. Although it Is not native to North America it easily adapted itself when they were introduced. This herbal product is primarily used as sedative which helps people suffering from insomnia sleep well. These soothing properties of Valerian are a must for every cancer patient because it helps them keep up even with their health conditions. By having enough sleep they should be able to increase their energy and improve their immune system.

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Astragalus – A very popular Chinese medicine that could be used for treating cancer as well. This herb is used by most cancer patients because it has the ability to fight the side effects of chemotherapy. This herb has been proven to contain Telomerase which could be used to fight cancer.

These are the herbs that you should be looking for if you want to prevent or fight cancer. Although they may not be the absolute cure, their ability to increase your immune system should give anyone who uses an upper hand against cancer.

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I wish to marketing (franchise) herbal products that fight cancer. so please give me the contact details of manufracturer.
Comment posted by: APURBA BHOWMIK on 2011-03-04T12:35:24
my mother is suffering form lung and bone canser pzl help me much pain in legs and back what to do help me
Comment posted by: birjees fatma on 2011-03-04T13:37:30

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