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Herbal Medicine and Weight Loss

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Herbal Treatment - The Tea Factor

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The Tea Factor

If you are not comfortable with the purely vegetable and fruits lifestyle, there is still a good alternative for you. There are herbal products that were converted to tea which can also be used as a cleansing agent. These herbal tea are often prepared raw – boiled and their extract prepared for their full effect.

Here are some of the most potent herbal tea used for cleansing:

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Chamomile Tea – This type of tea has properties that could prevent intestinal cramps which are often caused by eating too much food or unhealthy intake of food. It can relieve the digestive system which eventually flushes out the toxins in the body. Plus, Chamomile Tea could be used as a facial cleanser for better looking skin.

Rooibos Tea – Also called red tea, Rooibos is a herbal plant that came from Africa. Rooibos is often prepared in Africa with milk and sugar but it is highly recommended to drink without it. The Rooibos is already sweet as it so no need for additives. Rooibos is rich in antioxidants which is beneficial to the body.

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