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Disease Prevention Through Herbal Medicine

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Herbal Treatment - Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Chinese Herbal Medicine – A Tested and Proven Approach

We often joke about Chinese herbal medicine because we have that stereotype image of a traditional medicine that does not taste good and might not work for us. That is a little bit unfortunate because the traditional medicine of the Chinese, purely herbal, has been used for generations in Asia.

Besides the Indian culture, the Chinese were among the leaders in medicine. Practices that were observed in Asia usually came from China, in fact, even though Ayurvedic medicine came generations before Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine became popular first.

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Among the herbal products that came from China, extracts of tea and ginseng are the most widely used for medicine. Tea when prepared as it is, does not only taste good but also has cleansing properties. Among the tea extracts – green tea has been hailed to have the most medicinal properties. Vitamin E and pro-oxidants is found in green tea.

Ginseng is also a very popular medicine that it is now a multi-million dollar industry because of its use. Most of the supplements that you find today have ginseng and its extract.

Although there are some who have doubted the efficiency of ginseng, there is no denying that large number of people and products have used ginseng. Caffeine is also found in ginseng which is why ginseng is found in different energy drinks.

It is even added in weight loss products because ginseng increases blood which in-turn increase metabolism eventually burning fast. With the use of tea, you will be able to cleanse your internal organs and with ginseng you should be able to lose weight fast and reduce fat accumulated in your body.

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