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Disease Prevention Through Herbal Medicine

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Disease Prevention Through Herbal Medicine

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Herbal medicines are usually recommended for disease prevention instead of curing the disease. You may see people in different commercials telling you that they have been cured by a “miraculous” herbal medicine but that is not really true.

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Although in part, the herbal medicine may be helping in treatment of their disease, it is not the only source of their cure. That is why most herbal medicines, especially the ones that are widely supported, recommend that their herbal products should be used as diseases prevention rather than cure. After all, spending money in prevention of diseases is more affordable compared to thousand of dollars that we could spend every time someone is placed under hospital care.

Ayurvedic Medicine – Holistic Approach for Disease Prevention

Ayurvedic Medicine is one of the oldest disciplines related to medicine. Developed in the Himalayas, Ayurvedic treatment has been used in India for more than 5,000 years – older than Chinese medicine. This treatment was established by the coming together of the traditional doctors of the villages and shared their knowledge to everyone. Eventually this knowledge was shared to everyone and passed on to generations orally orally.

Ayurvedic treatment is generally a holistic treatment aimed at preventing different types of diseases. This type of treatment branched out to different disciplines. Today, there are Ayurvedic treatment disciplines that are focused on pediatrics, health of internal organs or even sexual performance.

The biggest portion of Ayurvedic treatment is in the use of herbs. Even before the Chinese established their medicinal cure through herbs, Ayurvedic medicines were already being traded to other countries especially in Europe. These herbal products are known to prevent certain types of diseases and was even used for flu treatment, cold or cough treatment.

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Today, Ayurvedic treatment is known worldwide and has been practiced by different individuals from different countries. Aside from different herb medicines available in the market today, Ayurvedic medicine advocates on eating healthy by eating lots of vegetables and fruits. Some would say that Ayurvedic pushes you into being a vegetarian but actually they have outlined fruits and vegetables that you should eat while availing Ayurvedic treatment.

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