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History of Chinese Herbs

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History of Chinese Herbs

The usage of Chinese herbs dates back to at least the Han dynasty, but records show that they have been used much earlier. Many Chinese herbal manuscripts have been written over the centuries, and they describe the herbs and ingredients which must be used to deal with a variety of different ailments.

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One such example of this is the Recipes for 52 ailments, an important document which was sealed in 168 B.C.E. Of all the manuscripts which have been written on the subject, the Compendium of Materia Medica, written during the Ming dynasty, is considered to be the most important, and continues to be used today.

The Chinese developed a very efficient classification method of defining their herbs. The first of these is Low level, which is toxic substances, Middle level, or herbs which have various physical effects, and High level, or any medicine which enhances both health and spirit.

Chinese herbs also make use of the philosophy of yin and yang. If a patient becomes sick, a Chinese herbal specialist will often consider the balance or imbalance of yin/yang in their body.

The Role of Ginger in Chinese Medicine

Ginger is a spice which is used for cooking in most parts of the world, but it can also be used as a medicinal herb as well. Despite the fact that ginger is used around the world today, it grows naturally in China. When used in the form of medicine, ginger is typically referred to as being Jamaican ginger.

Ginger has both carminative as well as stimulant properties, and it has been used for diseases such as colic. Even though the FDA has classified ginger as being quite safe, it can interact with other medications.

Ginger is highly effective for those suffering from gall bladder issues, and it can also reduce the joint pain that people experience due to arthritis.

Another powerful attribute that is associated with Ginger is its ability to combat heart disease. It can do this through thinning the blood and lowering ones cholesterol.

Ginger has a scent which is quite distinct, and it can act as a sedative, as well as fighting against the spread of bacteria.

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While diarrhea is seen in first world countries as being a minor and irritating problem, it has caused numerous fatalities to infants born in developing countries, and ginger compounds can be used to fight against this.

Research is being conducted on rats to determine the effectiveness of ginger against diabetes, and the test results have been positive.

The dried ginger root is sold in pharmacies around the United States. The Chinese make drinks comprised of sliced ginger which is combined with either a cola or water to fight against the common cold.

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