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Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

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China has a rich herbal tradition that dates back thousands of years. In fact, herbology is considered to be highly important in classical Chinese medicine. Each Chinese medicine will come in the form of a collection of different herbs which may be specific to the patient who consumes them.

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One collection of herbs will generally be consumed twice in a single hour. A remedy will be designed which is specifically tailored to the illness that the individual is suffering from.

While the basic medicine will typically start out with two ingredients, additional ingredients may be added to balance the yin/yang structure within the patient.

Because some of the ingredients for Chinese medicine are toxic, other ingredients will be required to be added so the toxicity can be balanced out.

In addition to this, many Chinese herbs must be used with other ingredients, which will function in the form of a catalyst, and if this is not done, the remedy may not be efficient.

As you can imagine, properly preparing Chinese herbal medicine requires a great deal of knowledge, as well as experience. The difference between Chinese medications and their Western counterparts is that the balance and interaction of the medicine components is more important in Chinese herbal medicine than the actual ingredients themselves.

Another thing that makes Chinese herbal medicine highly effective is its ability to cater to the individual, as opposed to providing singular solutions for a large group of people.

While Western medicine is designed for everyone suffering from specific ailments, Chinese medicine is much more individualized, and can be tailored to one person.

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The Chinese style of herbology will generally make use of all the parts of the plant, as well as animals or minerals.  However, a great deal of contention has arisen due to the use of endangered animal parts in these medicines, which includes tigers and rhinoceros.

The rarity of these animals has created a black market for those who can kill them, but many manufacturers have discontinued using these ingredients.

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